Stephan Kaminski, Managing Director, Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski, Munich:
“For many years my family and I have been working with Mr. Kuhn in miscellaneous areas of our private lives. He fulfils or even exceeds my expectations time and time again. His working style is fast, precise and discrete.”

Christian M. Garske, Controller, Spiegel-Verlag, Hamburg:
“I have been acquainted with services like those offered by the Zeitvergolder from the US. I am happy to see them available in Hamburg.”

Arno Köppen, Lawyer, Tellingstedt:
“Mr. Kuhn has become a reliable partner in the organisation of my private affairs.”

Eva Rudolf, Pensionary, Hamburg:
“With sure instinct and negotiating skill Mr. Kuhn made the impossible happen. I'm convinced of his dedication and will be happy to recommend him at every opportunity!”
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