How a service idea comes to be
Philipp Kuhn has to be capable of many things, that‘s his job, and he is a master in his line of business. One could argue that this cannot be too difficult since he is alone in this line. True. No one else in Germany does what Kuhn does. Philipp Kuhn calls himself “Zeitvergolder“ (literally: Gilder of Time), and sees himself as Personal Assistant for every situation in life, a trouble shooter for the affluent, and sometimes he's even the man to make dreams come true.

Generally his services work as follows:
Even high earners encounter unpleasant tasks in their daily routine – administrative procedures, tax declaration, selling a house, relocation, putting up with customer hotlines, groceries, grandma has to be driven to her endoscopic surgery, getting flowers for the wife, planning the vacations, hiring a yacht or a babysitter. Philipp Kuhn takes care of all of that for his clients for an hourly rate starting from 70 euros. Basically, you gain time by turning your daily workload over to him.

Aged 33, Philipp Kuhn is of impeccable appearance. He has studied business economics, is a qualified insurance broker and gives the impression that he knows how to eat a lobster correctly. As a child he studied railway guides so his family would enjoy smooth travels. “I'm always willing to help”, Kuhn says. His customers can reach him via a 24-hour hotline, the telephone is right next to his bed.

Philipp Kuhn has been working as “Zeitvergolder” for almost a year now, and he will carry on. “I get to meet interesting people, listen to fascinating life stories, and see exciting places I wouldn't have thought of visiting. ”Like the luxury hotel on Mallorca where he recently accompanied a seventy year old widow. “That was a new experience, a good one, by all means. Except for my driving she was very happy with my company.”

source: ProFirma (02/2009)